Thursday, January 5, 2012

No, Koto. YES, Council Oak!

Koto... it was not worth writing about. However, I will report on Council Oak.

At Council Oak I got the cowboy steak. They carve your initials into the bone of the cowboy steak. It was cooked perfectly (medium rare). The presentation was the best I have ever seen. And it was huge! It was a great leftover breakfast. It tasted the same. It was even good cold. I had it with eggs.

My mom got the lamb. IT WAS SO GOOD! I don't really have a lamb or beef preference, but I usually get steak and Council Oak is known for its steaks. Yum.

My dad got the New York strip. IT WAS SOOOOOO GOOD TOO! In one way I liked the cowboy steak better. The flavor of the char came through on the Cowboy steak a little more. In another way I liked the New York Strip better: I liked the more oily taste of the meat.

The restaurant is very fancy! We also ordered 3 appetizers. We got blue point oysters (raw). They were delicious. We got escargot. They were served with a small pastry on top and a mushroom on the bottom. I thought these were extremely yummy. Snails are okay for me! We also got the caesar salad. I don't usually like stuff with dressing but Council Oak did it really nice and I really loved it. I really liked the fresh anchovies too.  If I had to pick a favorite of the three, it would be close between the escargot and the caesar salad. I think I would get the Caesar salad because there are not a lot of places I could go where they would PUT dressing on it , and I would STILL like it.

With our dinner we got 2 sides to share for the family. We got the truffle oil french fries. I really only liked them because it was truffle oil. It was NOT your McDonald's french fry. I think they also had garlic and parmesan cheese on them. Super-yum-yums! We also got the cream spinach. It was perfect. The spinach was fresh and the cream was tasty. The cream spinach went well with the french fries.

We all shared a creme brûlée. How could you go wrong there? It was served with fresh berries. I highly recommend it.

It was the best meal I have ever had! Here are some pics:

Monday, January 2, 2012

Welcome to The Yum News

  • Welcome to The Yum News! Hi, I'm food girl! My friend and I are writing a book called " All Kinds of Food From A to Z".

Here are some places to go:

  • Nicko's
  • Ella's
  • Yogurtland
  • Jimbo's
  • Yogurt Spot
  • Yummy House
I will report on some of these places.

Here is one of  my favorite recipes I made up:

Kitty Buttons     ( do not feed to a cat)

You Will Need:

  • chocolate sauce
  • napkin
  • baking pan
  • cherries
What To Do:

  1. De-pit  the cherries and wash them
  2. put cherries on a napkin
  3. put down the baking pan
  4. put cherries on the baking pan
  5. put some chocolate sauce where cherry pit would be
  6. drizzle chocolate sauce over cherries
  7. ENJOY!    :)