Monday, January 2, 2012

Welcome to The Yum News

  • Welcome to The Yum News! Hi, I'm food girl! My friend and I are writing a book called " All Kinds of Food From A to Z".

Here are some places to go:

  • Nicko's
  • Ella's
  • Yogurtland
  • Jimbo's
  • Yogurt Spot
  • Yummy House
I will report on some of these places.

Here is one of  my favorite recipes I made up:

Kitty Buttons     ( do not feed to a cat)

You Will Need:

  • chocolate sauce
  • napkin
  • baking pan
  • cherries
What To Do:

  1. De-pit  the cherries and wash them
  2. put cherries on a napkin
  3. put down the baking pan
  4. put cherries on the baking pan
  5. put some chocolate sauce where cherry pit would be
  6. drizzle chocolate sauce over cherries
  7. ENJOY!    :)


  1. My gosh, this sounds sooooooo good, I think I'm going to try this as soon as I can! Sounds great, Marley!

  2. Oh, Marley shipman is my blog name, I'm really Tio :)

  3. You can also recommend restaurants to the yum news in the comments box! Also, I LOVE BGR burgers! I'll do a report onBGR soon!

  4. Why do you call your recipe Kitty Buttons? Does your cat wear a suit with buttons like that? Mine are very stylish but no buttons. --Food Girl Fan