Monday, February 20, 2012

Dinner with AARG!

I recently had dinner with AARG (Amernia Avenue Resturant Gang) at China Yuan Seafood Restaurant. It was fun. We all shared a number of things. I would like to share with you my thoughts on a few of the menu items. Crab Meat and Sweet Corn Soup is the first thing we had that night. I loved it. I could eat it everyday. It was kind of creamy, like a sweet egg drop soup but with savory crab meat mixed into the broth. YUM!  

I loved meeting a lot of new people. Tamara sat next to me.She was very friendly. She ordered Snow Pea Tips w/Clear Sauce. They were very pretty and green. They kind of looked like spinach but were even brighter! The taste was a little bit like spinach too but a little fresher and more crisp. They were delicious. I ordered the Sautéed Squid with Mixed Vegetables because they were out of the Pan Fried Mushroom Roll . If it weren't for the kitchen being out of the mushroom roll, I never would have had the chance to try the Squid. Lucky Dining! It came in a really light sauce. It was cooked perfectly. 

A lot of things were ordered. These were my favorite dishes. I'd like to go back to this restaurant and I am looking forward to eating with AARG again! 

Monday, February 6, 2012


Hi! My next blog entry will be about AARG. AARG stands for Armenia Ave. Restaurant Gang! It is a bunch of people that get together regularly to eat at restaurants on Armenia Ave. I went to China Yuan Seafood last night. Can't wait to tell you about it! I'll get back to blogging after my math test tomorrow.

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Burgermeister Meisterburger and a trip to The Yummy House!

I recently visited the new burger joint in Carrollwood called Burger 21. I had the black bean burger. I would have ordered a regular beef or turkey burger but I normally eat vegetarian.  They had a wide variety of burgers on their menu. The turkey burger looked very good.   I shared an order of sweet potato fries and had a root beer float.  They also had a serious saucing station. I tried their toasted marshmallow sauce and their apple cider sauce with my sweet potato fries. I did not like them. I loved the sweet potato fries. Their more traditional dipping sauces like the honey mustard and the thai ketchup were pretty good.

My black bean burger was great. I ordered it with just lettuce, tomato and gouda cheese instead of how it is listed on the menu with salsa and other 'stuff'. The gouda cheese is not on the menu. I had to ask for it. It's new to Burger 21. So if you like gouda, they have it in the back! The texture of the burger was just right. It was just moist enough. It wasn't too dry and it wasn't too squishy. The bun was really delicious. I think it was wholewheat: Super-yum-delish!

If you are a fan of root beer floats, you should go there but the delicious burger was the best thing. Thumbs up burger 21. I'll be back!

Last weekend I visited my favorite Chinese restaurant. I see why they call it the Yummy House: it is extremely yummy. I love their sweet and sour fish and their orange chicken is very good as well. You can ask for the sauce on the side when ordering the sweet and sour fish if you are not a fan of too much toppings and over-saucing. Its a whitefish that has been breaded and fried. It is served piping hot. I had to let it sit for a second. that's another reason to get the sauce on the side. So it doesn't sit in the sauce too long while it's cooling getting soggy. This is my favorite thing to get at The Yummy House.

The orange chicken is sweet and savory. It is very tasty. Dining at The  Yummy House is one of those nights when I will eat meat.  It's always worth it.

Also the egg drop soup is something special . It's not your average egg drop soup. It is better than most out there  because of the tiny bits of vegetables inside, especially the baby corn bits. I think they show their talents making this soup. It's great if you have a gigantic family at the Yummy House, because the portions are huge! We never finish anything...leftovers for lunch and dinner the next day. BTW: Egg drop soup for breakfast before school is awesome.