Sunday, March 25, 2012

Dinner with AARG 2

In February I had dinner with AARG at

La Casona. Sorry for getting back to you so late! It is a Columbian restaurant. There were not a lot of vegetarian options so I ordered a number of side dishes.  I had yucca, plantains , beans and rice.
 The yucca was crisp and yellow. It was fried which was nice because I usually have it baked (cuban style). Once it cooled down, it was great! I kind of liked how dry it was! It comes in a small plate and there are 4 in an order.
  The plantains were moist and very sweet! They give you about 5. YUM! . It was great!
The beans & rice were red and white, which I was not expecting. I assumed I'd be getting black beans and yellow rice. The portions were huge. The service was great. Other than having a hard time finding NON-meat items, it's a great stop.  It was a great meal!

Dogs/ cooking problem ( begging )

Do you have dogs? I have two, Bongo and Rosie. Are your dogs always under your feet and begging when you cook?
I know how to fix this - under feet - begging - cooking - problem!

Go to the market or a pet store and buy a good, tuff chewing bone. Make sure it is tuff, one time I got this tuff looking chew bone for my dog, Rosie but she ate it in ten minutes!(rawhide twist is good!) Hopefully, this will keep your dog from begging when you cook!

Any questions about something that has to do with food? Ask me in the comments box!