Sunday, March 25, 2012

Dinner with AARG 2

In February I had dinner with AARG at

La Casona. Sorry for getting back to you so late! It is a Columbian restaurant. There were not a lot of vegetarian options so I ordered a number of side dishes.  I had yucca, plantains , beans and rice.
 The yucca was crisp and yellow. It was fried which was nice because I usually have it baked (cuban style). Once it cooled down, it was great! I kind of liked how dry it was! It comes in a small plate and there are 4 in an order.
  The plantains were moist and very sweet! They give you about 5. YUM! . It was great!
The beans & rice were red and white, which I was not expecting. I assumed I'd be getting black beans and yellow rice. The portions were huge. The service was great. Other than having a hard time finding NON-meat items, it's a great stop.  It was a great meal!

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