Monday, June 18, 2012

Baseball Food

At the Rays game on Thurs. we went to a ball game.
My dad & I split a pretzel. Ball park pretzel are my favorite. Doughy and chewy. You can't go wrong. I get mine with salt and knock it off between pitches.  We also put lots of mustard on it. It's your good old soft pretzel. We also had Cracker Jacks.  They are always the same. Sweet and tasty and theres a prize. What's not to like?

This summer I also had an opportunity to sit in club seats and eat club food. I won the tickets at a banquet. What a surprise! We ate our faces off. My dad and I went with my grandfather (Nano). We had a Seafood medley. It was as good as any restaurant food. It was served in a very light butter sauce. It was cooked perfectly. Even though I mostly keep pescetarian, I felt the need to have a hotdog! It was not an average ball park dog. It was grilled instead of boiled or rotated on the hotdog turner for hours. I had it with ketchup and relish on a toasty bun. Delish!  I can go another year with out another dog.

Monday, June 11, 2012

Food with the family.

This weekend I went to my PaPa& Grammy's house for Fathers' Day and we are had crab enchalido! There is nothing else like ti in the world. Other than Sushi it is my favorite thing to eat. Maybe it is a tie becuase My Great Grandparents make it like no one else and it is really something special. I hope to get a video of them making it soon so I can share this with everyone. I am a lucky to know my great grandparents so well. I know a lot of kid's don't have great grand parents. I want to share some of the special dishes they make with everyone. Look out for a video soon ...hopefully!

Any ?s

Any ?s       Email them at (  not a real link )or leave them in the comments box!

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Conch Republic...again

At my beach sleepover with my BFF, we went to Conch Republic. We both got the Conch Fish & Chips. It was great! The fish was well fried and battered. It was also great fish. Grouper I think. The fish was crispy on the outside and soft on the inside. It was PERFECTION!!! The fries were also good. We also had raw oysters, I've loved em' for as long as I can remember. They were  great, they were big and fat and fresh!  My mom had the Grouper Ruben. She said it was awesome. It was a little messy but Rubens usually are. Everyone enjoyed their  food and we all left happy.  Again, nice job Conch Republic!

Indian Shores Coffee

On Friday,  my BFF came and had a sleepover at my Nani & Nano's beach condo on Indian Shores beach (not their normal house ). In the morning, we walked along the beach to Indian Shores Coffee. Advice: In my opinion, they have the best  muffins and breakfast sandwiches on Earth. The muffins are good because they use fresh ingredients and they make them there every morning . They are light and fluffy... and they are also pure yum!
My BFF ordered the blueberry muffin. WARNING: Their muffins are huge!!!!! (3 people can split 1 muffin.) It vas very good. I loved it! You could taste the yummy blueberries! Fresh and sweet, but not too sweet. My BFF's brother got a cinnamon roll, he got 2nds, so I'm assuming it was good...but I can't say much about that because I did not try it. ( if it were yucky, he probably would order something else if he was still hungry. ) Mom & I got a egg & cheese breakfast sandwich. Mom's half was more peppery than normal. Mine was not. It was soooooooooo good!!!!!!!!! I do not have any complaints. The decor is nice, inside  & out. ( We sat outside. ) Mom loves the coffee, and the fresh squeezed tangerine juice is AMAZING!!!!!  It was super- yummy -yummines! 2 Thumbs up!

Thursday, June 7, 2012

AARG 7 Castillo's Cafe

Last night I went to Castillo's Cafe.  It was my 4th AARG experience. I had the pleasure of sitting next to Tamara Z again. We had some laughs about the illustrations on the menu. Tamara is good AARG company. My mother and I shared an order of the Crab Enchaldo. We were both excited to try it. It is one of our favorite family dishes and we wanted to see how it stacked up to my great grandfather's recipe. It was pretty good. It was a red sauce, kind of spicy, with chunks of crabmeat in it. I enjoyed it but when my 'papa' makes it he puts whole crabs in it so you get to shell the crabs and eat those too.I think Papa cooks his longer too, his is thicker and a little richer but Castillo's was good. Very good. It was really close in favor, a close second to my great grandpas.   We also shared the black beans and yellow rice. It was very tasty. It was a traditional dish, exactly what I expected and very satisfying. The fried plantains were also very delicious.  The whole meal was yum-mainia!

We also got a Flan Bonus! Awesome dessert on the house for the AARG! Yahoo!
I also got to handout 3 blog cards, like business cards. That was fun too.

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Conch Republic over Los Jarrones and Return to the Yummy House

Last month I visited Los Jarrones with AARG. It was my 3rd AARG outing. The company is always great at ARGG. I sat next to John. He was very kind. I ordered the shrimp ceviche as an appetizer and the conch as an entree. The food was good. I had some issues with the service. They forgot to cook my food, and that I ordered it. For everyone else, the service was very slow, but I had to wait twice as long! They also got other people's orders incorrect, and it was rather expensive for the cuisine. The atmosphere was nice. I probably will not return. It was not my favorite.  The same week I also visited one of my favorite family-friendly restaurants in Reddington Beach, Conch Republic. This was really good compared to Los Jarrones. I went with Mom and Nani. We shared an order of mussels, ordered as as an appetizer. My entree was grilled shrimps and scallops on a skewer. The service was nice. The ambiance was cool, and we spent less than we did on two people at Los Jarrones--and it was fun!
On a scale from 1-10, with 1 being horrible, 2 being bad, 3 being bad (but not terrible), 4 being poor, 5 being OK, 6 being good, 7 being really nice, 8 being great, 9 being awesome and 10 being unbelievable, I would rate Los Jarrones as a "4," and Conch Republic as an "8.5."

In late May, I returned to one of my favorite restaurants in Tampa, and one of my favorite places to write about: The Yummy House on Hillsborough Avenue. I went for my birthday meal and the owner welcomed us. He knew I had written about his restaurant in my blog before, and he sent us a complimentary appetizer of barbecued pork, which was delicious--I just had to break my "pescatarian thing." He also sent us a really nice dessert which they have recently added to the menu. My entree was scallops with mixed vegetables. As usual, my experience at the Yummy House was fantastic. We all left happy and full. Thank you, Yummy House, once again, I rate you as a "9.75."

Look for my next post about AARG 7 at Castillo's Cafe