Monday, June 18, 2012

Baseball Food

At the Rays game on Thurs. we went to a ball game.
My dad & I split a pretzel. Ball park pretzel are my favorite. Doughy and chewy. You can't go wrong. I get mine with salt and knock it off between pitches.  We also put lots of mustard on it. It's your good old soft pretzel. We also had Cracker Jacks.  They are always the same. Sweet and tasty and theres a prize. What's not to like?

This summer I also had an opportunity to sit in club seats and eat club food. I won the tickets at a banquet. What a surprise! We ate our faces off. My dad and I went with my grandfather (Nano). We had a Seafood medley. It was as good as any restaurant food. It was served in a very light butter sauce. It was cooked perfectly. Even though I mostly keep pescetarian, I felt the need to have a hotdog! It was not an average ball park dog. It was grilled instead of boiled or rotated on the hotdog turner for hours. I had it with ketchup and relish on a toasty bun. Delish!  I can go another year with out another dog.

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  1. When I was your age, my dad and I used to share pretzels at ballpark games too. And my mom made brisket sandwiches to take along with us to freezing cold Candlestick Park baseball games. (SF gets cold and foggy). I am loving the blog and reading my down through the entries. I am glad that you ate your way through summer!! Tamara