Saturday, March 30, 2013

Easter... I WANT MY EGGS!!!!!!

            We know that Easter is coming up... so how do we become an Easter egg?    You don't have to buy a bunch of food dye and see what color shows up on your skin best!!! ( Trust me, that would not be worth the time, cash, and money. ) Fill yourself up with candy, like an Easter egg!!

                        Here are some yummy candies to stuff in the Easter eggs. Goodies are well-  good, too, but this blog is on the edibles!!!!!!! Hand eggs out on Easter to all of your friends and family, or use 'em for the local egg hunt! They also work in mini Easter baskets for an Easter party!

                                      Jelly Bellies
                                       Godiva broken up in pieces 
                                      Mini Krabby Patties ( I love Spongebob!!!!!)
                                        Gummies ( do 1 per egg so you fill more eggs. Nobody will notice! )
                                       A coupon for a chocolate bunny. ( Don't be silly! You can't fit one of those
                                       in that cramped little egg!)

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